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Sun Protection

Children’s delicate skin means they are even more susceptible to the harmful UV rays of the sun. Which is why it is extremely important to take care of them from birth onwards. Even on a cloudy day the sun can still burn. As well as a good, thick covering of an SPF 50+ sun cream children need to cover up.

Splash About cover up UV protection clothing are all manufactured to the highest standard and carry a UPF 50+ rating. This maximum protection clothing means that whatever the weather, sunny or overcast your child is protected, greatly reducing the risk of skin cancer.Our range of UPF factor 50+ clothing has been tested by the Australian agency ARPANSA to ensure the highest rating, they have been accredited as “excellent”. Not only do they protect against UV rays buy they also keep perspiration away from the skin making them light, cooling and comfortable to wear.

Your Questions

All of your questions answered

  • Do all your sun protection products protect in the same way?
  • Do I also need to use sun cream when I use your sun protection clothes?
  • Why are children more vulnerable to the sun?
  • What should I look for in UV clothing labels, I see in shops
  • Is my child too young for sunglasses?
Yes, where you see sun protection on a Splash About product it means the product is UPF 50+ protective. This is the highest rating a fabric can be given and we never sell a product that doesn’t give this maximum level. Do all your products protect..
We would always recommend you used a high factor sun cream as well. Re apply to the exposed areas often, especially after being in water and always wear a hat! You will find plenty to choose from right here on our site. Do I also need to use..
Children’s skin is delicate and hasn’t had time to build up any resistance to the sun at all. We have worked with leading agencies in Australia to ensure our products are manufactured to a standard even they would recommend. It only takes 15 minutes in UK full sun to burn children’s skin and even on overcast days dangerous UV rays can still cause damage. Protect your child into adulthood and get UV covered up. We make fantastic summer clothes, so they can look great and keep safe in the sun. Why are children more vulnerable
Always look for the maximum fabric rating of UPF 50+, any clothing quoted as SPF isn’t safe, as SPF does not relate to fabric.  Fabric is rated under a UPF rating. Watch out because this is an easy mistake to make. What should I look..
No! That is the easy answer. Young eyes need extra protection from the sun and it’s never too early to start protecting them from the harsh summer sun, particularly aboard. Our specialist sunglasses are 100% effective against the sun’s rays and come with a comfortable strap to hold them in place. Trust me, once baby has them on and gets used to them, they will not bother taking them off. Older kids enjoy looking cool. Sunglasses..

Our Top Tips

Make sure you apply an SPF 50+ sun cream every few hours and more regularly if your child is in water.
Make sure you cover as much of your child in lightweight UPF 50+ clothing as possible, through the hottest part of the day.
Stay cool by playing in the shade and drinking lots of cool water to stay hydrated.
Wear a hat, floppy, fitted or legionnaire style, all will keep the sun off the head. For greater protection look for wide brimmed or legionnaires to protect the neck.
  • Inbuilt secure floats for playing in and around water
  • No more bulky armbands
  • Recommended by Experts
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  • Long or short sleeved designer patterns or plains
  • UPF 50+ maximum sun protection.
  • Great for days out on the beach, in the garden or at the park. Home and Away Splash About has it covered
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  • Easy to get on and off
  • UPF 50+ protects children against the sun's UV rays
  • Keeps barrier and eczema creams in place all day.
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