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5 Reasons to teach your child to swim

Swimming with your baby or toddler can be an excellent bonding opportunity, helping to build trust and empathy through fun activities in the pool. There are also a range of fantastic health benefits that can be accrued through.. Read more...

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10 Tips For The Perfect Pre-School Pool Party

Pool parties for young children are great fun and can help a child’s social and emotional development. Spending time with their peers is vital at this stage in life to help them develop empathy, trust and personal awareness, and the pool.. Read more...

Safety Tips For A Fantastic Holiday

Along with building sandcastles and eating unlimited ice-cream, playing in the sun and pool are the essential holiday activities enjoyed by our kids. We want them to have a great time, so with that in mind we have put together.. Read more...


Splash About is thrilled with its awards success this year especially the accolades for Fings. This wonderful swim aid launched in 2013 and has left the competition standing. Not only has it won the ‘Best Swim Aid’ product award from.. Read more...

Drowning Prevention Week June 2014

Drowning Prevention Week is the national campaign run by the Royal Life Saving Society UK, which aims to ensure everyone knows how to stay safe and have fun near water.With 25 years of experience in ensuring children have fun in the water.. Read more...

I can't believe it's Easter already!

I can’t believe its Easter already and what’s more there’s no snow on the ground, which makes a change from last year (and the year before). In fact the weather man is reporting a sunny and warm weekend. This means if you are anything Read more...

Celebrate Spring with our new costumes!

At Splash towers we are celebrating the safe arrival of our new Collections designer ranges, yes the boats have finally been let into port and we are madly catching up after the struggle with the weather over the last 3 weeks Read more...

The Safest way to travel, is by Stork

It’s with a very relieved smile I can tell you all that the first Splash-a-baby has been safely delivered, and I’m very pleased to say that mummy and baby are home, well and resting.I admit, we did all get a bit emotional and ... Read more...

News, nappies and a Splash a baby

It’s D-day at Splash About HQ, and the whole team are on constant "Splash A Baby" watch. Our latest addition (and Lesley’s first baby) is joining the team today. Well not exactly joining the team, since even Lesley cannot work whilst in labour.. Read more...

BRAND NEW: Happy Nappy Costume

Our BRAND NEW Happy Nappy Costume is the most essential item in your little girl’s baby-swim kit, giving the simple yet effective Happy Nappy, a feminine touch.Practicality meets pretty. Practicality does not have to be... Read more...

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