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Baby Swimming

Join thousands of parents and start taking your baby swimming. Although this sounds daunting, there are huge benefits in starting early. Skin to skin contact is an essential part of bonding with your baby and the soothing effects of the water can calm the most unsettled child within minutes. At Splash About we passionately believe in baby swimming and we are experts in manufacturing and designing products to make your life easier. From the famous Happy Nappy to keeping warm in chilly pools, we have the solution for you and your baby. Come on, let's Splash About.


Happy Nappy Products

The extensive range of reusable Happy Nappy products gives parents the greatest choice of baby and toddler approved swim wear - which is why Splash About is the No1 brand in children’s safety swimwear in the UK and insisted upon by most swim schools. From liners and wraps for the Happy Nappy to the recently developed range of costumes and wetsuits that now incorporate a Happy Nappy, there is no excuse for wearing a leaky disposable swim nappy. Choose a brand you can trust and get yourself Happy with a proper Nappy! Come and join millions of swimmers in the Splash About revolution.

Brand New Happy Nappy™

The New Happy Nappy is the most reliable Swim Diaper in the world, insisted upon by swim schools.Technically constructed to move as your baby moves ensuring the safest most leak free fit.

Splash Jammers

Brand new in 2017 these new sporty Splash Jammers provide all the security of a Happy Nappy but in a more grown up design for those young children who are just potty trained and for those that need a little extra help.

Original Happy Nappy™

Our multi award winning, reusable neoprene nappy, the Happy Nappy, sets the standard in UK baby swim wear

Happy Nappy System

Available as one of our multi buy savers, the Happy Nappy System is an ideal choice for Baby Swim Class. The double layer nappy system is insisted upon by most of swim schools.

Happy Nappy Swimsuit

This award winning girls' Happy Nappy Swimsuit is the only costume to include a full Happy Nappy swim diaper making it your number 1 choice in swimwear for girls.

Happy Nappy Board Shorts

UPF 50+ sun protection and with a fitted Happy Nappy inside. A true 2 for 1 winner.

Nappy Covers

For when the disposable nappy look just isn't enough, get gorgeous with these pretty designer covers.

Happy Nappy Multibuys

Save money when buying our favourite products in our multibuy bundles